Getting that Bey Bod: Using the Best Waist Trainers, Nutrition and Her Own Training Exercises to Achieve Your Ideal Figure

Today, I thought I’d share my own little guide to Beyonce’s body secrets! She’s let slip a lot of them to Glamour through her personal trainer, and I put together lots of other tidbits I found online to come up with a nice little tutorial for you to start trying to get a body as glorious as Bey’s.


The first and most important step is the diet. I know it seems a bit weird given the Coke sponsorship, but Queen Bey is actually like the healthiest person ever. She’s completely vegan, first of all, (and so is Jay Z?!), and she eats a plant-based diet with all the fruits and vegetables money can buy, since she has PLENTY of that to spare, I’m sure. But we can all stand to eat a little better, and veganism is amazing. So, if you want to start any body journey, you have to start with the fuel you’re putting in. That was one of the big things her trainer said in this interview. I’m starting to get better, but if you’re asking me if I’m sneaking some gelato as I’m writing this, the, yes. I am. It’s a process!

Ok. So, after the amazing diet of healthy plant goodness, Bey has a super regular exercise schedule. She does dance rehearsals each week, and she does exercises like rope snaps and kettle bell squats to get in good shape, as well as sprinting interval training. Bey says that she’s not naturally a skinny person, so she has to be super strict. She NEVER skips a workout, and she very rarely slips up on her diet. I’m trying to be more disciplined with my workouts, too. That’s the hardest part, I’ve personally found. But the key is the squats for the hips and leg strength, and of course that majestic posture.


And the last thing, that hourglass shape. Bey has an amazingly distinct body shape, and it’s kind of hard for some of us to get to, even with lots of exercise. But you can see in a lot of her tour outfits that she sometimes uses a bit of help too. That super skinny waist and bootylicious hip silhouette is the work of a waist trainer. They’re basically like a modern, more comfortable corset, and people like Kim Kardashian use them all the time. You know you can too, as there are several best cheap waist trainers you can get online.  If you’re on track with the diet and exercise stuff, but need a bit of an extra nudge past the finish line, I think these are a totally legit thing to use. I have one for when I want to wear dresses, even if I don’t wear it 24/7. I found mine using the best waist trainer reviews site here. It’s super helpful and has a few different styles that are nice to choose from.

Well, that’s it! Diet, exercise, and subtle shaping under the surface. That’s the secret recipe. I can’t say I’ve totally hit my goals, but I think it’s super cool that someone like Bey is such a role model for healthy lifestyle and waist trainers (wink!)  Head to for more details.