A Year in the Reign: 2016 under Beyonce

2016 has been such a stressful year for so many of us. From the election to the… well, mainly the election. And don’t forget the dozens of great artists who have left us this year: David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Alan Rickman, and so many others.


Thankfully, Queen Bey has been there all year long, and she’s been keeping busy. So, what was our glorious leader up to all year?


That Formation Video

There’s nobody like Beyonce when it comes to instant sensations out of the blue, and she did it all over again with this song/video combo. It was a hard-hitting tune with a real stance in it that like, so exactly at the right for the conversation about race. Still SO good. It brought the whole debate over police brutality and race right onto the mainstream airwaves. I mean, I love Adele, don’t get me wrong, but she’s never really used her platform for political statements. Bey does it so. well.


The SuperBowl


And then she topped it all off with a live version of Formation, complete with her dance troupe at the SuperBowl. Talk about grabbing the mike! And then dropping it, LOL. That Super Bowl performance got the Queen’s message out to literally everyone in America, however hard some people might have tried to get out of the “mainstream media.” There were a LOT of angry rednecks the next day. God, she’s so fucking fearless! To take to the stage in the middle of a Coldplay set, and do that song?! Amazing.




After Formation took the world by storm, most of us devotees had a pretty good idea of what was next. There had to be an album, and was there ever, like, OMG. THE FUCKING GREATEST. Lemonade is the greatest creation I think I’ve ever seen. As an album, or as a visual album, or whatever. It’s so hard to find favorite songs, like it really should be on an album that’s Michelle Obama’s personal favorite (can we talk about how they’re, like, FRIENDS? How much cooler can it get?).


Boycott Beyonce

My personal favorite moment of the year was when Bey started selling these shirts at her shows. That’s EXACTLY how to deal with a bigoted response. I wear mine to any sensitive family dinner. JK, but they’re such a great statement when most merchandise is so boring.


Those performances: The BET and CMA awards shows


Beyonce playing the BET awards isn’t a total surprise, given that she’s probably the most famous black artist anywhere. Let alone the US. But it was the song she chose, a duet with Kendrick Lamar, that was the awesome choice. I’m also pretty sure that was the ONLY live version of Freedom, so it’s even cooler because of that. Then, she turns up at the CMA awards, totally unexpected, and countrified Lemonade a la Dixie Chicks. And, like literally everything she does, it works perfectly.


Hillary Clinton Rallies?


Toward the end of the year, in the final week of the presidential election campaign, guess who showed up to a Get Out the Vote rally for Hillary Clinton? It’s only the Queen Bey herself, complete with Jay Z in tow. She didn’t quite have the power to defeat Trump this year, but I’m pretty sure I can think of the IDEAL candidate to beat him next time! 😀

I can’t wait to see what next year has in store. For myself, I’m going to be working on trying to get my Beyonce bod on using the best waist trainers and her personal trainer’s tips. We’ll see how it works out, but she’s always an inspiration for me to make positive changes in my life!